August 30, 2012


shirt, shoes, pants, & bag: thrifted, glasses: forever21

Before school starts, Rob and I have a couple of vacations we're going on. One to Spokane, WA with some friends. And then onto Utah to see my parents for my Mom's birthday! I'm suuuuuper excited. The day after we get back from Utah, school starts. I'm only taking 12 credits, so I'm happy that my schedule won't be as crazy as usual. I'm also extremely thrilled that fall is just around the corner. I've been craving everything pumpkin with chocolate chips. 


  1. Hope you have fun on your vacations! You look adorable. LOVE those pants and that bag but could never pull off that top... awesome!


  2. Fun! Suz and I were in Spokane just a few weeks ago. Where in UT will you be visiting? We should meet up if you have time while you're here!

  3. i hope you have nice trips to finish up the summer! i love your purse and shoes. :) so cute!

  4. Hey, random comment here...that has nothing to do with vacations. Have you had any obsessive or unnaturally lingering thoughts on having a baby? Cuz I just got married... and I have been poked by thoughts of babies and I keep seeing them everywhere!! Let me know if you have been bombarded or not by babies, you know, unless it's too personal. :D I'm wonderin' if it's just a phase.

  5. You are so cute! Love your pants! I am craving Fall things too!