August 22, 2012

Shiny goodness.

skirt, shirt, & shoes(+dyi): thrifted

I wore this to walk to Walgreens and to pick up a move from redbox. Then I came home and stripped back down to my underwear... to be completely honest I just wanted to show off my shoes. I was dressed in real clothes for a total of 10 minutes max (tmi?).

Wanna make your own shiny shoes? Check back tomorrow for the tutorial.  

P.S. Have you entered the GIVEAWAY? GO GO GO! It's a great one.


  1. I think the shoes are an adorable touch! The sparkle detail is super pretty. And I love them paired with that adorable maroon skirt. Looking forward to the tutorial tommorrow!

  2. This outfit is so cute! I love the color combo that's going on. :)

  3. hahahah sooo cute i love the color combo!

  4. Haha. That is awesome. I can relate. As I write this I am sitting in my underwear watching tv. Too hot for clothes.