August 13, 2012


skirt, belt, bag: thrifted, tee: walmart,  shoes: flee market

Rob and I came home from lunch with a friend on Saturday, took a nap, and then decided to go on a little temple date. So we got all dressed up and off we went up the road to the lovely Rexburg Temple on the hill. We go to the parking lot and it was EMPTY. Which is super odd and uncommon. Rob dropped me off at the curbed and I walked to the beautiful doors and posted was a disappointment that read: "closed for maintenance." Poo! I was so excited to go! Whelp, August 14th, when you re-open little temple, I'll be there.


  1. oh I love the temple!! Have fun on your date :) What a great way to spend time together.


  2. so I work at this magazine company and your altered thrift store finds always remind me of the challenge section in Altered Couture. I vote you submit something. =)

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