August 4, 2012


shirt & dress: thrifted, shoes: target

Rob and I have been in Washington for the past two weeks. It's been great to see family and friends and even do a little thrifting! Oh how my heart swells for thrift store shopping! I got some goodies that I'm so excited to work into my wardrobe. It's been fun here in Washington, but it's almost time to go home. It's funny that I consider Rexburg my "home" now. I guess that is what happens when you leave the nest. See you Monday little apartment, Rob and I have missed you.


  1. you have the most GORGEOUS hair! i absolutely love how you style it :) hope you had a great time, lady!!

  2. your braids are so cute- you've got to do a tutorial for the blog! i love it!

  3. I lived in California for the majority of my life (16 years) and in New Mexico for 6 years now, but New Mexico is much more near and dear to my heart. I could give a rat's hat about California most of the time, haha.

    I love this denim dress! You look adorable

  4. Okay you need to teach me how you did your hair like this, i have curly hair like you, so if you can rock it this good, maybe i have a shot!

    p.s. i totally dig washington thrifting. it really doesn't get better.